Mfuwe Community

As a tourism business Thornicroft Lodge contributes to employment creation and is encouraged to integrate and support locals to establish a sustainable income for themselves and their families. We see it as our responsibility to ensure that our company operates sustainably and makes a positive impact on the people of South Luangwa. Both our environmental policy and community commitment are of the highest importance to make South Luangwa a place where people and wildlife can thrive and appreciate the beauty of this wonderful piece of earth which we call home.

During the past years many charitable organizations and programs have been established to help our community improve their long-term economic prospects and increase positive impacts made by the tourism industry. If you are looking for an exciting variation to your safari itinerary, take some time to stroll through the local village, join our guided Village Walking Tour and visit one of the many craftshops that support the employment and empowerment of local Zambians in the area.

Join our Village Tours


Thornicroft Lodge can offer you a 2-hour Walking Tour through Mfuwe Village. This tour will be guided by a local well known, experienced, knowledgeable guide, living in the village himself.

We will bring (and collect) you by car to Mfuwe center where all the shops are (called the “Cropping”) and your walking tour will start from there.


Price per person: 15 US $ (min.2 pax)

This price includes donations towards Uyoba Primary School and local Zambians showing off their projects.


There is a lot to experience:

You can start the tour by enjoying a delicious cappuccino at the TRIBE Shop and stroll through the isles of crafts at Project Luangwa, a charitable organization formed by the safari operators of South Luangwa as part of commitment to responsible tourism.

Learn about the daily lives of Mfuwe’s inhabitants while visiting the local market and church and don’t miss out on tasting the local beer at the ‘Kachasu Brewery’.


Observe the different stages of the brickmaking process and get introduced to some of the small-scale project such as worm-farming and drying of tobacco.

Meet the students at Uyoba Primary School, visit their beautiful library and show them your soccer skills on the school’s play-yard. Subject to availability you are welcome to join the following activities: Drama plays, poems, traditional dances and choir practices.

Mulberry Mongoose

Mulberry Mongoose.JPG

The creative and courageous Mulberry Mongoose ladies handcraft beautiful jewelry that reflects the grace and ruggedness of the unique South Luangwa. They use local, natural materials to create extraordinary accessories. With every piece of jewelry sold they make a donation towards anti-poaching patrols helping to protect the areas iconic wildlife. Mulberry offers a free taxi to visit their workshop.

Tribal Textiles


Visit the Tribal Textiles Shop to discover unique textiles and a wide range of arts, crafts, bags and jewelry from Zambia’s finest artisans. Have a free tour of the workshop to see their fabrics being made and meet the artists who create them. Inspired by Africa’s culture and wildlife, every piece is painted by hand and baked in the African sun before being sewn into beautiful home textiles and accessories. You are welcome to visit Tribal Textiles as part of your airport transfer, otherwise we are happy to organize you a taxi.

Project Luangwa

Project Luangwa.JPG

Project Luangwa is a charitable organisation formed by the Safari Operators of South Luangwa as a part of their commitment to responsible tourism.

Their work is focused on supporting schools, increasing the standards of education and encouraging communities to find sustainable ways to support themselves..

Tourists are welcome to visit the Project Luangwa Craft Shop selling handmade items made by local women, including bags, fabrics, lithographs print cards to items using recyclable materials.